ColorPic 3.1

A utility to pick up and save in the pallete the color of any dot on the screen
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ColorPic is a utility for picking up the color of any dot on the screen for saving it in the palette and/or placing the code of the color in the exchange buffer. ColorPic also includes a color mixer letting you analyze and change the selected color with the help of the “honeycomb” (Hex), Rainbow, Tint or adjust the individual sliders. Besides, ColorPic lets you select the closest color corresponding the web-palette and use your own color palette.
This program is absolutely free. It does not have any popup adverts or spyware. The colors are shown in hex and decimals. It has the Hue, Saturation and Lightness values. It is very easy to use with any other program you like. There is a resizable magnification area. The user can overlay a grid for fast picking up alignment. It is possible to use arrow keys to nudge the mouse pointer. Also the user can save multiple palettes of colors automatically. The webSafe Colors are displayed and the user can snap to the nearest WebSafe color. The web color names are displayed. The user can easily edit color values after selection. It is convenient to use the collapsible sections.

Anastasia Spiridonova
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